1. E-Procurement Service (LPSE) is a K/L/D/I unit built to orgainze electronic procurement service.
    2. SPSE application is a web based software runs from LPSE server which can be accessed by LPSE website.
    3. SPSE user are person/company who have access to SPSE application, represented by User ID and password given by LPSE, e.g. Pejabat Pembuat Komitmen (PPK), Kelompok Kerja Unit Layanan Pengadaan (Pokja ULP), and Vendors.
    4. User ID is a unique identifier or name as a user identifier used in SPSE.
    5. Password is a set of character or string used by user to verify their User ID to SPSE.
    6. APENDO, abbreviation of Aplikasi Pengaman Dokumen, is an application to secure document (by means of cryptographic) developed by Lembaga Sandi Negara.
    7. An active User ID and password can be used by user to take part in procurement and other activities in SPSE on LPSE of which he registered OR other LPSE that has been aggregated.
    8. LPSE might appropriately facilitate bidding room equipped by Local Area Network to access SPSE. If there is no personal computer provided in bidding room, user who takes part can bring their own notebook and connected to LPSE network.
    9. If LPSE cannot facilitate bidding room, user can take part in electronic procurement from other location that has internet connection, e.g. user's office, internet cafe, public hotspot etc.
    10. User can change their password as they wish and keep it secret.
    11. Timezone used in procurement at LPSE website is a local SPSE server time.
    12. By registering, SPSE Users were assumed to have understand and agreed all conditions in E-procurement Term and Condition, User Manual and other provisions issued by Lembaga Kebijakan Pengadaan Barang/Jasa Pemerintah (LKPP).


    1. User Registration
      1. Pejabat Pembuat Komitmen (PPK) and ULP submit request as SPSE User to LPSE administrator by showing a valid letter of assignment/letter of decree/letter of appointment.
      2. Vendors registered online in LPSE website and then follows supporting document verification process required by LPSE.
      3. By creating/registering as a participants in SPSE bidding package, PPK/ULP and vendors have given their aggrement to Integrity Pact

    2. User's Responsibility
      1. Meets all provision and law applied in government procurement system.
      2. Each vendor must have only one User ID and password, which can be used on all aggregated LPSE. In a not yet aggregated LPSE, user could have more than one User ID corresponds to the number of LPSE they registers.
      3. Every user responsible in access secrecy and other activities in SPSE.
      4. Every access violation by other party is fully user's responsibility.
      5. Vendor must update their qualification data (if there is any change to address, ownership, finance, contact person, business classification, provided service/goods, or other information used in SPSE).
      6. Keep non public information and prevent data access violation
      7. Vendors responsible of every incorrect and/or negligence of not up-to-date qualification data. Neither LPSE or ULP responsible for this.

    3. Terms of Usage
      1. User aggreed that eact transaction happens inside SPSE must not violate Indonesian law.
      2. User must obliged to all rules applied in Indonesia regarding network and communication both inside or from/to outside Indonesia via LPSE website.
      3. User responsible for all transaction recorded from SPSE.
      4. User is not allowed to obstruct any transaction or other process/service on SPSE.
      5. User agreed that every data manipulation, system and network obstruction is an act of law violation.

    4. User Membership Cancellation
      1. LPSE administrator have rights to postpone temporarily/cancel user access if there was any activity/information/transaction that violates term and conditions.
      2. User can revoke their access by submitting request letter to LPSE administrator (where they registered) by email.

    1. LKPP and its affiliates is not responsible for any consequence because of tardiness/mistake/corrupted procurement data submission inside SPSE from user and other party.
    2. LKPP and its affiliates is not responsible for any consequence because of infrastructur problem that might obstruct SPSE access.
    3. LKPP and its affiliates is not responsible for any misconduct by user or other party.
    4. LKPP and its affiliates does not warrant SPSE dan APENDO works flawlessly everytime.
    5. Lembaga Sandi Negara dan LKPP always give their best efforts to improve their service and application.
    6. LKPP and its affiliates can help SPSE users regarding settlement of incorrect application usage or application facilities but not responsible for any consequences.
    7. LKPP and its affiliates have rights to do any action necessary about any unable-to-decrypt-files using APENDO or any corrupted files that cannot be opened by ULP.
    8. User responsible for any corrupted files that cannot be decrypted or opened because of mistake from using APENDO
    9. User responsible for any risk and not limited to disqualified from procurement process because violating this terms.

  5. Any disputes between user and LKPP or its affiliates will be resolved in agreement discussion. If there is no agreement, user and LKPP agreed to bring it to Indonesian based court.

    1. User or other party is forbidden to quote or copy parts or all of contents in SPSE without writer permission from LKPP. Violation of this term will be accussed and charged with criminal and civil law rules applicable in Indonesia.
    2. User agrees to never exploit, multiply or have a role in selling/distributing any content from SPSE for personal/commercial interest.

    1. LKPP and its affiliates have rights to add, remove, edit any of this term and condition anytime, with or without prior notification.
    2. LKPP and its affiliates have rights to add, remove, edit any facilities in SPSE anytime with or without prior notification.
    3. User must obliged to all thos added, removed, edited rules and condition. If users disagree, they can submit objection and forfeit their membership as SPSE users.
    4. With or without any reason, LKPP and its affiliates have rights to stop SPSE, APENDO and access to the services without bearing any responsibilities if the services must be terminated.